specializes in the care of the children of our local community

We sponsor a foundation that specializes in the care of the children of our local community. For that, the foundation has a pre-school that allows low-resource families to have free access to world-class care for their children. We believe that early childhood is a critical time in a person’s life and we realize we have a big opportunity to teach kids to appreciate healthy foods and resilient lifestyles. We strongly believe that education is the most powerful resource we have to make a positive impact on our society.

We also have a FruityU pouch donation program that includes local daycares, schools, and nursing homes.


Fruity U is passionately committed to being a force for ecological and social regeneration in the living systems in which we are nested.
Our role is co-evolutionary: we become increasingly healthy and resilient alongside our soils, our customers, and our community.
Increasing biodiversity and regenerating ecosystems is our main commitment to the environment.
For this, composting is key – we compost 100% of the residuals from the Factory and the fields through our vermicomposting technique.

Our goals

Fruity U works very hard on promoting healthy eating amongst children.
Our goal is to promote the importance of feeding healthy food to our younger generations to help reduce the extremely high obesity rates in the world as well as contributing to educating our children.